Drain snaking and hydro-jetting are popular methods for clearing blocked sewer drains. Electric drain snakes feature a long auger and a motorized head that spins inside the sewer pipes and removes blockages. Hydro-jetting uses highly pressurized water to clear blockages in the pipes. Drain snaking and hydro-jetting are both effective cleaning techniques. However, they have various differences and drawbacks. Consider the factors below when determining which sewer drain cleaning method to choose.

The Severity of the Blockage

How severe is the blockage in your sewer drains? Are there massive clogs caused by debris, tree roots, and foreign objects? Motorized drain snakes are powerful tools that can break through clogs caused by hair, food debris, non-biodegradable waste, and sludge. However, drain snaking may not be effective in clearing severe blockages. In this case, hydro-jetting would be more effective.

The highly pressurized water from the sewer jetter can blast through all types of blockages. It can break down large tree roots and push foreign objects into the public sewer. This method only requires one access point, as the pressurized water can blast through clogs along the entire sewer line. Therefore, inspect your pipes to determine the severity of the blockage, so you can select the best cleaning technique. 

Buildup in the Pipe's Interior

Failure to regularly clean your sewer line can cause grease, fats, and oils to accumulate on the interior walls of your pipes. These substances trap debris and cause blockages in the sewer line. Although drain snaking can clear massive clogs, it cannot remove buildup on the walls of the pipes. The best way to clean the interior of the pipe is with a water jetter. As the water breaks through the clogs, it scours the interior of the drains. The scouring action removes grease and fat stuck inside the pipe, lowering the risk of future blockages.

Condition of the Pipes

What is the condition of your sewer pipes? Are they corroded and broken, or are they in good physical condition? Hydro-jetting may not be ideal for older, corroded pipes, as the high pressure of the water can damage them further. This method is effective for pipes that are in good condition. However, if you intend to repair the pipes using relining products, you can use a water jetter to clear them.

Drain snaking is ideal for unblocking all types of pipes. However, be careful when using a motorized auger inside worn sewer drains. As the auger head spins, it can scratch the walls of the pipes. The auger can also get stuck in a fracture inside the pipe and worsen it. Whichever technique you choose, ensure you repair the damaged pipes afterward to prevent future blockages.

A sewer inspection can reveal the above issues and help you select the best cleaning technique. Therefore, contact a drain cleaning contractor for professional drain inspection and cleaning services.