As a homeowner, you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible. Part of making it efficient and resistant to the weather involves using the right insulation in the walls, attic, and ceiling. However, you may not want to use traditional poly fiber insulation because of the risk involved with laying this material yourself. You can instead get the function and longevity that you want by using open cell foam insulation in your home.

Easy Application

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose open cell foam insulation involves its easy application. It typically does not take much work to apply this insulation to your walls, attic, and other parts of your home. It can be sprayed into place, which allows you to target areas that need to be insulated easily. You can also choose the depth of the insulation to apply. You do not have to stuff it in, as you would with poly fiber. Instead, you can spray as much as you need in a particular area to keep out the cold, heat, and other elements.

Environmentally Friendliness

Open cell foam insulation is also more agreeable to the environment than other types of insulation. It is made from natural materials, allowing it to pose no risk to the air or environment inside of your home. If you get it on the ground outdoors, it also poses no risk to the soil, air, or water. This environmental friendliness is also important for when you want to lower your home's carbon footprint. You avoid using a material that will not break down easily in the ground and can cause the air, ground, and water to become significantly contaminated.

Long Lasting

Finally, open cell foam insulation is capable of lasting for years without having to be replaced. It does not wear thin as synthetic fiber insulation does. It retains its appearance, thickness, and placement and keeps out elements that can raise your home's electric and gas bills. It also costs less than synthetic fiber insulation. You can get your money's worth out of the open cell foam insulation and avoid having to pay for more in the near future. You save money on insulating your home.

Open cell foam insulation offers a number of benefits to homeowners. It is easy to apply throughout your home. It also is environmentally friendly and capable of lasting for years without wearing out.