If you have an older driveway or have recently had one installed, you may be wondering whether or not you should have a sealant applied to the surface. If so, consider the following reasons why having your home's driveway sealed would be beneficial to both its appearance and longevity.

1.  Protects Against Staining and Discolorations of the Surface

One reason why you should have your concrete driveway sealed is that it helps to protect against staining and discolorations of the surface. While the concrete may seem hard and solid, it actually has minute pores in the material that will soak up liquids and other materials when it is not protected.

If gas, oil, and other petroleum products are spilled on the concrete, they will soak into the surface and leave stains that are near impossible to remove. And, since these products are caustic, they will cause rapid deterioration of the concrete with which they are in constant contact.

Along with staining from petroleum products, concrete is also highly susceptible to discolorations from mold, mildew, and algae, especially in shaded areas. Since the pores in the surface allow for easy entrenchment into the concrete, these growths can latch on and thrive.

As they grow, their byproducts will start to discolor the concrete. These discolorations are hard to clean off, permanently marring the appearance of the driveway.

2.  Helps Reduce the Risk of Damage Caused by Water Exposure

Another reason to protect your driveway by having it sealed is that it helps to reduce the risk of damage caused by constant water exposure. Since water has an eroding effect on bare concrete, rain, ice, and snow can cause the surface of the concrete to wear down faster than normal.

However, if you have a sealant applied, it will fill in the pores, and create a barrier on the surface that will help to repel the water and frozen precipitation. It helps to prevent the erosion of the concrete and allows the driveway to last longer.

Whether your home's concrete driveway is fairly new or is older and starting to look faded, having the surface sealed can help keep protect it from staining and discolorations as well as reduce the risk of water damage. Contact a contractor who offers concrete driveway sealing services to have them come out to inspect your driveway and discuss your options for having them seal it for you.