For the most part, people can walk by and appreciate even old masonry for the beauty of the finished product. You may not even think about the need for masonry repair unless you are directly affected by the damaged masonry. Allowing masonry to continue to crumble unrepaired, though, can lead to some serious problems. These are just a few reasons why masonry repair is so important when you begin to notice problems.

Liability Issues

If you have a chimney that is crumbling and throwing off pieces of bricks and other items on windy or stormy days, it can present a massive liability issue for you. Especially if these brick chips and pieces strike a person, causing injuries, or a vehicle, causing damage. You could not only be on the hook for medical bills or property damage but also for legal fees and "pain and suffering" damages as well.

If it's a serious injury or property is completely destroyed, the liability issues may grow even larger. Masonry repair at the first sign of problems could prevent these types of problems altogether.

Water Coming into Your Home

Your home doesn't have to be 100 percent brick construction to be vulnerable to water damage from problems with the mortar or masonry on the home. Many people have brick chimneys, facings, and other features on their homes that are made of brick or some other stone materials. If there are cracks in the mortar, missing bricks, and other problems, it could create a potential water problem for the interior of your home.

Water can lead to mold and mildew and thousands of dollars of damage inside the walls of your home — not to mention, there is always the potential for structural and foundational damage as a result as well. Masonry repair, again, at the first sign of damage can spare you these unpleasant expenses.

Preserve the Beauty of Your Home and Landscaping

From landscaping and retaining walls to homes and office spaces, brick is a beautiful, durable material when properly maintained. You may not need to start over completely when masonry repair is needed. In fact, starting early can help you preserve much of your beautiful masonry so you and others can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Masonry, in a state of good repair, is a beautiful addition to nearly every home or building. Like many things in life, the sooner you engage in needed masonry repair the better the outcome for everyone involved.

Reach out to a masonry repair service today to learn more.