Log homes can be so lovely to live in, either full-time or as a vacation home. The logs create a rustic appeal, and exposed wood in the interior makes the home seem so welcoming and cozy. However, not all log homes are the same. When shopping for a log home or having one designed, here are a few features you should look for.

1. Large Overhangs

The wood used to make log homes is usually as sturdy and long-lasting as wood can be, but it is still wood, and therefore, it is still prone to rot to some degree. Large roof overhangs help keep the sides of the cabin from being exposed to too much water. Look for a home that has at least a 12" overhang; an 18" one is even better. If the cabin has a porch, make sure the porch roof also has a sufficient overhang.

2. Stilt Construction

You've probably seen a cabin on stilts before. Basically, the entire structure is built on top of stone or concrete pillars that raise the base of the cabin off the ground a foot or two. This is definitely the ideal type of base construction for a cabin since it allows water to flow underneath the lower rungs of the cabin, rather than pooling around it. Do make sure the stilts are study. Cinder blocks or concrete blocks are a much better choice than the large, non-uniform stones you see on some older cabins.

3. A Steep Roof

This is most important in areas that receive a lot of snowfall. You want a cabin with a steep roof since the steep roof will shed snow better. This way, you won't have a pile of snow sitting up there and slowly melting over the course of a week, trickling down the side of the cabin and contributing to rot.

4. East-West Facing Windows

You really want a cabin with plenty of windows on the east and west walls. This is how you get more sunlight to stream into the cabin; it comes in via the east-facing windows in the morning as it is rising, and then from the west in the afternoon as it is starting to set.

If you look for a cabin with these four features, you will be setting yourself up for a great experience. Every cabin is different, but those with these features tend to be the most durable and enjoyable to live in.

For more information, reach out to a realtor that offers log homes in your area.