Some cracks in a gutter aren't immediately serious. They are a sign that you might need to replace the gutter in the future; however, you have some time.

However, some cracks need immediate repairs. How can you tell if your cracked gutter needs a faster fix?

1. The Crack Is Open

A surface crack on a piece of guttering won't look open. These cracks sometimes look like minor scratches. They are shallow and don't go far into the gutter's material.

Open cracks are more obvious. You can see them from further away.

These cracks break right through the material and make a hole in it. If you have an open crack, then the gutter won't be able to manage water effectively. Some will drip or run out of the crack depending on its size and depth.

2. The Crack Leaks

Surface cracks might not prevent a gutter from doing its job. However, deeper cracks will usually make the gutter leak. If a crack doesn't look open, then you can't immediately see if the gutter is still intact.

The easiest way to see if a crack leaks here is to look at the area when it rains. If some water drips out of the crack, then the gutter is compromised.

If your weather is fair at the moment, and you can safely reach the gutter, then pour some water into it. Again, any water that comes through the crack is a sign that it needs repairs.

You can also sometimes see signs of a crack leak in your home. For example, water stains on the wall under the cracked area are a sign that the gutter has a significant break that you should repair sooner rather than later.

3. The Gutter Has Moved Around the Crack

While a gutter can hold its position if it has a minor surface crack, it might move out of place if the crack is deeper. So, look at the line of the gutter around the crack.

If the gutter seems to sag in this area, then it might actually be broken. If a crack is big enough, it can cause a break that makes the gutter shift out of place.

Contact gutter system repair professionals to fix open or leaking cracks. If you have a noticeable crack in a gutter, even if it seems to be intact at the moment, then it's also worth asking a repair contractor to check it. They might be able to fix the crack so that it doesn't go on to cause bigger problems later.