If you own and operate a warehouse that hasn't had a facelift in many years, consulting with an industrial design team can help you plan some industrial upgrades that will benefit your business operations.

Safety Concerns

The dock and shipping and receiving areas should contain modern features that are designed to reduce injuries. Assess your dock. Is there a vehicle restraint system in place that prevents vehicles from coming within close proximity to your employees? If not, adding safety railings and signage around the dock area could make it much safer for your crew to load and unload products that are transported via a freight company.

Resurfacing the dock is an upgrade that could prevent slip and fall incidents. Even adding a fresh powder coating to metal materials that make up the dock could greatly improve the safety of the dock. Bright colors that cover the metal will be visually detectable to the motorists who enter and exit the dock area, preventing them from driving in areas that are out of bounds.

Lighting within your facility should be modern and up to code. Flooring and signage should be made of durable materials. A design team will show you many innovative materials that will improve the aesthetics of your dock and interior warehouse areas, plus make them less likely to cause serious injuries during active working hours.

Common Areas Within Your Business

The addition of a locker room, a break room, or a restroom could provide your employees with the level of comfort they need to remain motivated during each work shift. A design team may share some productivity reports with you that demonstrate how similar industries have thrived after adding common areas to their business design. This information may influence you to add one or more of these features to your warehouse.

Although investing in some common areas may seem to be a business expense that isn't essential, it could actually prove to be a big motivator and one of the reasons that your employee retention rate increases.

A contractor who performs this type of upgrade can assess your industrial building and point out some ways to modify the existing structure. Adding common areas can involve reassigning space within your facility or deciding to have your building expanded. Based on your budget, an industrial contractor will draw up plans that support the funding and implement innovative designs and modern features that will accommodate your employees.

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