Having your basement waterproofed can be a significant investment. Especially if you need a few different types of waterproofing services — like floor painting and sump pump installation — you may be questioning whether the money spent will be worth it. In most cases, it will be.

Here are some of the ways in which basement waterproofing can save you money in the long run.

Preventing Mold

Mold loves to grow in moist areas, such as in wet basements. Especially if your basement is also warm, it will only be a matter of time before mold sets into moist areas. Mold can cause allergies and illness, and it can ruin items that you want to store in the basement. Waterproofing your basement will prevent mold growth, which will prevent you from having to spend money on mold removal services, allergy treatments, and other related services.

Creating a Better Storage Space

The basement can be a great place to store your extra items. However, you can only use it in this way if it is dry. If you waterproof your basement, it will be a more suitable storage space. You should then be able to get away without paying for a storage unit or storage pod for your extra items. The cost of renting a storage unit can really add up over time. Plus, you won't have to spend money on fuel to get to and from the storage facility when your items are stored right in the basement.

Preventing Insect Infestations

Insects love a moist basement. Cockroach infestations are common, and sometimes ants, earwigs, and silverfish move into moist basements, too. Some of these insects may cause damage that you then have to pay to have repaired. You may also have to pay a pest control company to come remove and bait the insects. Often, it is cheaper in the long run to have your basement waterproofed and keep the insects away from the onset.

Protecting Building Materials

If your basement becomes too wet, you may have to replace the flooring, wall materials, and other building materials. This can be pretty costly — more costly than having the basement waterproofed in the first place.

While basement waterproofing may seem expensive, it is an expense that saves you money down the road. Between the money you save on replacing building materials, pest control, mold control, and storage solutions, you'll be better off having invested in waterproofing.