If you are planning to remodel your basement in order to expand your living space, you will want to ensure that this space is properly waterproofed before moving forward with your home improvement plans. After all, excess moisture in your basement can quickly and easily result in significant damage to your home's foundation, as well as all your belongings. Unfortunately, determining whether or not your basement is in need of waterproofing services is not as easy as simply looking for evidence of flooding. Thankfully, however, it is still possible to determine whether or not you are in need of waterproofing services by learning to identify the warning signs of excess moisture. You can learn more about three of these signs by reading below. 

Your Basement Has An Unpleasant Smell

Many people assume that an unpleasant odor in their basement is normal. This is often due to the cliche of basements being cold, dark, moist places that often do not smell the best. However, the truth is, if your basement is properly waterproofed and insulated, there is no reason for your basement to smell any different than the rest of your home. This is because the unpleasant smell that is often associated with basements is a result of mold and mildew growing in places where excess moisture is present. If you have noticed that your basement is not a very pleasant place to take a deep breath, there is a good chance that you are in need of basement waterproofing services. 

Trouble Opening Windows Or Doors

If your basement is equipped with windows or doors, these building features can help to alert you to your need for waterproofing services. When excess moisture is present in your basement, the frame surrounding your windows or doors will often begin to swell. This can make it much more difficult to open your windows and doors. 

Discoloration Of Concrete Floors Or Walls

Excess moisture in your basement will often seep in from the ground around your home. This moisture can rise up from beneath the foundation through the floor or through the exterior walls. If there are significant amounts of water present, you will often see evidence of this in the way of discoloration or staining. In some cases, this discoloration will be present throughout the entire surface, while at other times, this discoloration may only impact a very small section of a wall or floor. In either case, this problem should be quickly addressed by a reputable waterproofing contractor. 

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