Land preparation is the first major step in any construction project. It doesn't matter if you are planning to clear a large tract of land, complete a bulk excavation project, or just remove some materials from your property in preparation for construction- earth moving will likely play a part in your project.

Civil earth moving is an important service that can have a direct impact on the quality of any construction project.

Here are three things that you should consider when hiring an earth moving contractor to ensure your excavation goes smoothly.

1. Experience

Civil earth moving requires specialized skills and equipment. Not all contractors are equipped to handle excavation that requires significant earth moving services. You should always verify the experience level of a contractor before you hire them to excavate your property.

Ask about prior experience with earth moving projects a contractor has been involved in. You want to see that the contractor has completed several projects that are comparable to your own in scale and difficulty.

Only an experienced earth moving contractor will be able to properly prepare your land for construction.

2. Portfolio Materials

Technology has made it easier than ever for contractors to document their work. Any quality contractor should have a portfolio filled with photographs and other materials that will allow you to evaluate their past projects.

You should examine each portfolio carefully to determine the quality of work a contractor is able to provide.

Pay special attention to the condition in which a contractor leaves their projects. You want an earth moving contractor who will excavate your land, but do so in a way that leaves the land ready for future construction and landscaping.

3. On-Site Interview

You should never work with an earth moving contractor who doesn't request an on-site interview when preparing a service quote. It's important that the contractor sees your land firsthand in order to determine how much the excavation work will cost.

The on-site interview allows the contractor to determine if there will be any issues with access for heavy machinery. The contractor will also be able to better estimate the amount of time and number of laborers that will be needed to complete your excavation on schedule.

Without an on-site interview, the estimate provided by an earth moving contractor will not accurately reflect the cost of any excavation work that you need completed on your land in the future.

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