When you purchase land, you want to know where it begins and ends. That way, you can avoid stepping into other people's properties while protecting your property against encroachment. Hence, you require land surveying services. Here's why you need to perform a land survey.

Zoning Classification

During a survey, your land surveying service will establish the classification of your property. For instance, your land may be for residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial use. The zoning gives restrictions to the use of your property, which you must follow. If the survey defines your property as agricultural, you must strictly use the land for agricultural purposes to avoid legal problems.

Boundary Line Identification

One common reason for hiring land surveying services is to identify the boundary lines of your property. You need to know the legal boundaries before fencing your land or developing your properties to avoid boundary disputes. Remember that these disputes can lead to financial losses in cases where you may have to demolish your fencing, paving, or building since it sits on your neighbor's land. Thus, knowing your borders helps you make amicable agreements regarding borderline structures with neighbors.


Land surveying is also important when you want to subdivide your large piece of land into smaller pieces. A land surveyor can measure your land and determine how many parcels of land you can get from that piece of land. Additionally, the surveyor understands the laws regarding subdivisions and can advise you to regard the law's minimum land measurements. Overall, a survey ensures that your development is in line with local codes.

Land Purchase or Sale

Land surveying is also important when purchasing or selling a property. Before buying land, you want to know the exact size of the property and the boundaries. Also, you want to sell your property rightfully to avoid future disputes. A surveyor will present you with a land report, and you can compare the information to the details on your title deed. If there are discrepancies, you can involve your lawyer to ensure that you buy or sell a property legally.

Right of Way Authorization

In some cases, your property may block other landowners from accessing their properties. In this case, land surveying can help show legal agreements or reports that give your neighbors the right to walk through your land and access their property.

Land surveying can help with property line identification, zone classification, subdivision, land purchase and sale, and right of way authorization. Consider conducting a land survey for these reasons.