With many boats toting fuel, occasionally thrown sparks, and numerous ignitable materials, a marina can catch on fire even though it is situated atop a body of water. In early 2021, a Southern California marina and the boats parked there sustained considerable damage after a powerboat exploded.

In the event your marina does sustain damage caused by fire, reaching out for professional marina repair will be one of the most important steps you take. While many property owners make the hasty decision to try to handle the damage on their own, fire damage can be far more to contend with than what it first appears. Take a look at a few good reasons to trust professional marina repair after a fire.  

Fire damage may be further-reaching than you realize. 

What looks like a small point of fire damage can be far more extensive than it appears. When you call on a professional marina repair service after a fire, the trained service technicians will be doing a thorough assessment of all of the support structures that were exposed to the flames. Any slight issue will be carefully assessed and repaired as needed. 

Lack of proper marina repairs can lead to significant safety concerns. 

When boaters visit your marina, they expect the structure to be safe for them to walk on and use. If a marina has sustained significant fire damage, you could have points of the setup that are not as safe as they should be. For example, foam-supported pathways could be weaker and more prone to unexpected breakage. If a section of decking breaks away while someone is walking on the platform, the individual could be in an extremely dangerous situation. 

Fire damage can lead to problems with water damage for marina-supported structures. 

Many marinas are far more than just a place that houses moorings for the local watercraft. The majority of these water-based implements also support structures that serve the boaters that park at the marina. For example, you may have a bait shop, public bathrooms, or even a restaurant perched atop the marina's support system. If your marina has sustained fire damage, the water beneath can be more of a threat to the structures your marina supports. When wood and metal are exposed to heat, the materials can be more porous and allow water to seep into the valuable structures in place. 

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