Most standard garage doors are made of three or four panels that are connected together with supportive hinges. In the event one of these panels gets damaged and needs to be repaired, it can bring about a lot of questions. 

Can just one panel be replaced on a damaged garage door?

Yes. In fact, replacing just a single damaged panel is much more cost-effective than replacing the full door after the unit has sustained some kind of damage. In addition, the costs associated with labor to simply replace a single panel will be much lower. 

Will the garage door work properly if you just repair the hinges connecting the panels?

The hinges that connect the panels do sometimes fail or sustain damage with everyday use. Even though the original hardware may be made by different manufacturers, the majority of models do have panel hinges that are interchangeable. Therefore, you really shouldn't see any changes in functionality by having the door hinges replaced. 

What if the replacement panels are no longer available from the manufacturer?

If you have an older garage door and the manufacturer is no longer around or no longer makes parts for your model, replacing a panel may not be possible. The garage door repair service professional who comes to your home will take a look and make a reliable recommendation. These technicians are well-versed in the availability of replacement parts. In some cases, you may be able to get a similar panel that would make a logical replacement for the damaged panel. However, if no aesthetic or functional options are available, the full door may have to be replaced. 

Is it true you can't replace single panels on side-opening garage doors?

Replacing a single panel on a side-opening garage door can be harder in some cases, but not impossible. The final judgment should be left up to the professional from the garage door repair service. If the technician believes the single panel can be logically replaced, they will do so. 

Why do some garage door repair professionals prefer not to do single-panel repairs?

Most true professionals will have no qualms about single-panel garage door repair. The process is quick, but the time to track down the replacement parts can take a bit longer. Therefore, you may occasionally come across a repair service that only does full replacements. Often, this will be due to the fact that the company does not have direct access to suppliers for replacement panels.

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