In-ground stands, flag holders, and roll-up signage will aid with keeping people alert to what is happening on your construction site, plus will divert traffic from areas that are out of bounds. Use these new work zone equipment types along with the standard signage and safety gear that your crew members already rely upon.

In-Ground Stands

Work zone equipment needs to be displayed in all areas that are going to cause a disruption in traffic flow or in spots where heavy duty machinery is being utilized, which could pose a threat to someone who is driving or walking within the area.

If the signage that you display isn't effective in marking all of the areas where a project is currently underway, signage that contains stands that can be secured in the ground will prevent signs from tipping over. In-ground stands can be secured in grass or dirt-covered surfaces.

Stands that are a bright color and that are constructed of metal will be easy to detect and these pieces will effectively anchor both metal and fabric signage. Choose stands that can be used to stabilize the signs that you already use during construction projects and to secure new signage that is going to be added to your inventory.

Flag Holders

Some metal frames contain flag holders, which will allow you to increase visibility in areas where it may be difficult for motorists or pedestrians to spot signs that are displayed. All signs that are utilized should contain bold lettering and bright colors. On rainy or foggy days, however, you may need to amplify the signage.

Flag holders that are located at the top of a frame that is going to be secured to a sign will allow one or more flags to be displayed over a posted sign. Purchase some fabric flags that contain neon colors and coordinate the flags so that they complement the signage that they are secured next to. Some flag holder setups will contain the frame and base piece that is necessary to display both the signage and the flag that is being used to alert the public.

Roll-Up Signage

Vinyl or fabric signs that can be rolled up are portable and lightweight. Roll-up signs are suitable for work zones that are going to be temporarily disabling traffic for a short duration. Instead of going through the hassle of transporting a bunch of metal signs and frames to a worksite, load some roll-up signage into the back of your vehicle and use in-ground stands to stabilize the signage.