Primary colors, sliding doors, and large, clear canisters that contain labeled supplies can all be added to the cabinet design that will be set up in your art classroom. If you want the children who you teach to be able to retrieve art supplies during each class session, the custom features that you choose for a new set of cabinets will play a big part in how functional the storage setup is. 

A Low Storage Area

If you already have a set of cabinets in your classroom, but they are at a relatively high height that your students cannot reach, reserve these storage areas for materials that are out of bounds, including surplus supplies that will be used to refill the student's cabinets, paperwork, and items that have been designated for special projects. The new cabinet design should be placed low, along one of the walls, and can even be installed with the base of each cabinet touching the floor.

A custom cabinet setup can be an asset to your classroom, since you can choose the height of each storage area and have shelving including in the design, to allow the separation of art materials. If you are going to assign a trio or a quartet of students to share each storage space, use shelf dividers to break up each area and label the sections with students' names. This will allow each student to store art projects that they are currently working on.

Washable Surfaces That Correspond To The Classroom Style

Your art classroom may contain a lot of decorations that relate to the projects that you have been introducing so far this school year. Perhaps you would like to use the decor and the furnishing styles that are in the room to come up with a design for the front of each cabinet. If you choose sliding doors, have dual sets of cabinets set up, side by side. A contractor can install doors that slide outward.

You can choose laminate doors that have a primary color in washable paint applied to them. For the interior base of each storage space, choose a circular cutout design, which will support a clear canister that is filled with art materials. If all of the cabinets contain an impression along their bottom, children will have a guideline to aid them with placing each canister back in its proper storage location. Use the overall style of the room as a reference point, when choosing the aesthetic features that you want each door to possess.

For more information about designing custom cabinets for your classroom, contact a local cabinetry maker, like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.